Benefits of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology

6 sigma 2

In many organizations, many senior managers view Lean Six Sigma as an initiative to improve quality and flavor in a given month. Many engineers say that there is scarcely anything new in Lean Six Sigma Methodology. They say this in comparison with other initiatives of quality management they use. They argue this way from a state of ignorance. Such managers find it hard to respond if they are tasked to explain what they understand by Total Quality Management. Indeed, in most cases, they are dumbfounded. When such managers are finally able to respond to the question, their responses vary very greatly. However, for those who use the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, the answers to their understanding of their preferred methodology is always the same in meaning. There are some benefits of using the Six Sigma methodology that cannot be replicated in any other quality improvement initiative.

Management Decisions

A company using the six sigma will have more effective management decisions. This will emanate from heavy data and fact reliance as compared to gut feelings. This will significantly reduce cases of firefighting and unsound problem-solving strategies, further reducing the costs.

Understanding of Customer Needs

There is an increase in the understanding of customer need and their expectations. The critical-to-quality performance characteristics will be better understood. This will also greatly impact on the customer satisfaction and also their loyalty.

Better Cash Flow

There will be in improvement in cash flow. This will result from making the process more reliable and even more efficient. Get more facts about business, go to

Better Knowledge across the Organization

There will be better knowledge across the organization. This knowledge will come as a form of improved knowledge on the divers tools when it comes to problem solving. This leads to better job satisfaction for the company employees.

Less Non Value Added Operations

With the six sigma black belt methodology, there is a very much reduced number of non value added operations. This improves service delivery, lead time to production, improved cycle time for processing performance among others.

Less Process Performance Variability

With the Lean six sigma, you have process performance gains. There is also an improvement in product reliability and performance. This leads to more consistent and predictable product quality. It also improves service delivery and also performance. This will necessitate a better predictable and also consistent level of the quality of product and the service performance. View here!

These factors clearly show how misguided one is to underestimate the benefits of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology. You can click here for more, discover more here!


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